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Everybody knows that a compelling sales letter is the key to a successful Internet business.

Without a sales letter that swoons your reader and persuades them to buy, youre pretty much doomed to cyber poverty forever, and I mean that literally.

Thats how important it is to have an effective sales letter.

The Problems With
Writing Sales Letters...

For marketers who hate to write, spending hours putting together sales letters from scratch is torture!

The problem is that writing a sales letter is hard.

It takes time and the copy need to be great to get people to take action.

Nothing stops sales dead in its tracks faster than poorly written sales letters.

Your sales letter is your digital salesman and if it does a terrible job, you can say goodbye to any chances of you making even $1 online.
Whether you want your website visitor to opt in to your newsletter or make a purchase, it all depends on how well your sales letter sells.

If youre like me then you probably dread the idea of starting out to create a new sales letter from scratch, or craft a web page to sell your product on the Internet.

So Whats A Lazy
Marketer To Do?

Okay... so now we both know that you need a great sales letter on your website if you want to convert a great number of visitors into sales.

You have 3 options:

Option #1. - Hire a Professional Copywriter
Professional copywriters are very expensive but in many cases this is the best option - if you can afford it! Copywriter fees vary from $497 to $25,000+. Youre almost guaranteed a successful sales letter by hiring a top gun copywriter but if youre just starting out, the 5 figure price tag puts this option out of reach.

Option #2. - Write Your Own Sales Letter From Scratch
Unless you are a highly skilled copywriter, chances are that youll end up creating a Frankenstein which doesnt convert. Its perhaps the cheapest option but if youre a terrible copywriter or hate writing, it wont be worth your time and effort. Not recommended at all.

Option #3. - Cheat With Push-Button Software

You can legally cheat and create great looking sales letters every time by cleverly using software that makes it a breeze to put them together in literally minutes!

Sales Letters Creator is the perfect example of this kind of software. You wont find a better quality application of its kind...especially one this affordable! This is the best option for lazy marketers who dont want to pay a copywriter or have no writing talent or time to write.

I know which option Id take... #3 of course!

Time is money, and anyway, no-one wants to strain their brain for hour after hour writing sales letters only to be disappointed by lousy conversions.

It makes simple sense that if theres a pre-made format to work with, such as templates that I can use to suit my product or even just to get my words flowing, my final results will be much better.

Thats why I spent the last few months and thousands of dollars, creating Sales Letters Creator!

Even If Youve Never Written A Sales Letter Before,
Or Hate The Thought Of Writing From Scratch,
Sales Letter Creator Will Spit Out Expert Looking,
High Converting Sales Letters In Half The Time!

Suitable For PC Only

Sales Letter Creator Software!

Pump Out Great Looking Sales Letters In 50% Less Time

Easy To Use PRE-MADE, High Impact Templates - Just Fill In The Blanks

No HTML Or Sales Copy Writing Skills Needed

Have Professional Looking Sales Letters Every time Without The Copywriters Fee

The most advanced and easy to use Sales Letter Generating Software ever released!

With Sales Letter Creator, youll save money by avoiding costly copywriting fees and be able to create powerful and persuasive sales letters for your websites completely by yourself in minutes!

Great Sales Letters In A Breeze For
Even The Most Unskilled Writer...

It doesnt matter if you have never written copy in your life, you can create stunning work in no time.

The power comes from the Ready-Made Text Formats which are pre-written by an expert copywriter.

You simply fill in the blanks and it does the rest.

Quickly Go Through Each Step
Filling-In Short Details
About Your Product And Let
The Software Do The Rest...

Attention Grabbing Headlines,

Sub Headlines,

Introduction Text Copy,

Body Copy,

Customer Testimonials,

Money Back Guarantees,

Call To Action Statements,

P.S Statements and More!

When you have gone through the quick steps and filled in the blanks, you only need to press GO and instantly you have a complete, ready to use Sales Letter in a flash!

Finally, the sales letter html file is made automatically too - you just tell it where to save it and its there in an instant!

Even A Computer Dummy Can Whip Up A
Smoking Hot Sales Letter His First Time!

Do you have a tendency to be all thumbs when it comes to using software and usually end up frustrated before you can get anything done with it?

Sales Letters Creator is so easy to use, if you can follow simple directions, you can master it the first time you use it.

You literally just take each step of filling in the blanks one by one. All the steps are clearly visible and easy to understand.

As soon as you buy your copy of Sales Letter Creator today, youll be able to get your first sales letter made before dinner time!

Heres just how easy it is to whip up your first sales letter
in under 20 minutes with Sales Letter Creator ...

1. Run the software (installs on your desktop in a few clicks)
2. Follow the very simple directions you see each step of the way
3. Fill-in the blanks with the information about your product for each section
4. Insert your payment processor information for your order link
5. Preview the sales letter to make sure it is how you want it to look
6. When youre happy with it, click the Save button

And thats it! Totally simple for the beginner and a real time saver for the seasoned pro!

Get Sales Letter Creator Today!

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